Track Info

Mission Statement
The vision that drives us:

Stafford Motor Speedway is in business to provide a first class auto racing facility for racecar drivers, teams, fans, sponsors and advertising associates.

We strive to maintain a professional racing environment with emphasis on safety and fairness and deliver a memorable motorsports experience to all guests at Stafford Motor Speedway,

The ambition that defines us:

Our race inspection team is knowledgeable on the rules and regulations of the auto racing industry. They actively research, share, adapt and implement new products and modifications to maintain uniformity amongst the racecar components, protect the integrity of the auto racing competition and seek cost effective options.

Retain and develop a team of employees that embrace our vision and values.

Continuously seek the optimum exposure for sponsors and advertising associates by implementing forward-thinking concepts.

Be attentive to customer experiences by seeking creative and interactive concepts that will attract and retain customers.

Conduct business in a respectful, trustworthy and honest fashion that emphasizes teamwork.

Be a supportive and positive role model in the local community representing the Stafford Motor Speedway values and act as a leader in the motorsports industry to endorse and strengthen the traditions of the sport of auto-racing.