50 Greatest Modified Drivers of All-Time

Inaugural Spring Sizzler® Winner Fred DeSarro


Tom Baldwin “I Am The Greatest”
Gene Bergin
Brett Bodine
Geoff Bodine “1986 Daytona 500 Winner”
Ken Bouchard “The Other Kid From Fitchburg, Mass.”
Ron Bouchard “Did It All, A Fan Favorite”
Mario “Fats” Caruso “The Shrewsbury Flash”
Rene Charland “The Champ”
Ted Christopher “The King”
Leo Cleary
Tim Connolly “Man On A Mission”
Jerry Cook “He Got No Respect”
Corky Cookman “Quiet And Consistent”
Pete Corey “New York Invader”
Fred DeSarro “A Champion’s Champion”
Richie Evans “The Ultimate Racer”
Mike Ewanitsko
Ed Flemke, Sr. “A Modified Legend In His Own Time”
Jeff Fuller “Up The Ladder Of Success”
Rick Fuller “Well Rounded Racer”
Ernie Gahan “A True Dirt Tracker”
Bill Greco “Proved His Point At Stafford”
Bo Gunning “Like Him Or Hate Him He Can Drive A Modified!”
Ray Hendrick “They Called Him Mr. Modified”
George “Moose” Hewitt “Backyard Independent Racer”
Tony Hirschman “Quiet But Aggressive”
George Janoski
Charlie Jarzombek “They Called Him Chargin Charlie”
George Kent “Quiet And Cunning”
Buddy Krebs “A Stafford Pioneer”
Randy LaJoie “His Father’s Son”
Jan Leaty “Family Man – Racer”
Jerry Marquis “Came Up Through The Ranks”
Mike McLaughlin “Magic Shoes”
Ray Miller
Steve Park “A Cut Above The Rest”
Bob Polverari “Doing It For Fun”
Bob Potter “A Master Of Modifieds”
Brian Ross “Flyin’ Brian”
John “Reggie” Ruggiero “The Reg”
Greg Sacks “They Called Him Superman”
Ollie Silva “Dynamite Ollie”
“Wild” Bill Slater “Been There, Done That, Seen It All”
Jimmy Spencer “Mr. Excitement”
Mike Stefanik “A Born Racer”
Carl “Bugsy” Stevens “All-Time Favorite”
George Summers “Loved And Respected By All”
Jamie “The Jet” Tomaino
Maynard Troyer “The Invader”
Satch Worley “The Southern Gentleman”