THE SOUL OF A MODIFIED: Lenny Boehler’s Ole Blue

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by Lew Boyd

Operating out of an old farm near Cape Cod, Lenny Boehler, an understated personality with overstated aptitude and a twinkle in his eye, seemed to communicate with his race car as effectively as with people. And curiously, "Ole Blue" seemed to respond. Together they motored a million miles on a treacherous road, compiling hundreds of victories at speedways up and down the East Coast over four decades. And, though surviving on massively less resource than their competition, they consistently returned with championship laurels.

When Lenny died, he never left. His presence still envelopes the garage and chicken coop where Ole Blue has been housed for the last 65 seasons. Now a senior citizen itself, Ole Blue, still run by Lenny’s family and crew, is one of the most enduring and beloved sights in all of motorsports.

Soft cover, 216 pages, 200 B&W and color photos

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