2022 SK Modified® Points

Following NAPA Championship Night
Race #21 of 21

Points Updated: September 30, 2022
PosDriverPointsBehindStartsWinsTop 5sTop 10s
1todd owen904+1462111620
2marcello rufrano758-1462021016
3ronnie williams736-168213916
4bryan narducci734-1702011215
5david arute728-176213814
6michael christopher, jr.688-216211513
7anthony bello - r638-266201513
8cory dimatteo602-302202511
9michael gervais, jr.574-330210212
10keith rocco570-33421279
11tyler hines552-352201411
12troy talman518-38620046
13jon puleo488-41620128
14andrew molleur482-42220028
15stephen kopcik426-47813369
16noah korner402-50221014
17tyler leary343-56116002
18dan wesson334-57013033
19teddy hodgdon318-58615025
20mikey flynn285-61916003
21dylan kopec278-62614002
22anthony flannery236-66810004
23john montesanto228-67616011
24curt brainard210-69415000
25wesley prucker - r182-72213000
26doug meservey, jr.166-73810000
27nick halkowicz - r140-76413000
28matt swanson134-7705001
29brian sullivan132-7727000
30r.j. marcotte - r120-7848000
31john sandberg110-7947000
32tyler jones - r100-80412000
33chris jones89-81512000
34joey ternullo, jr.75-8295000
35dana dimatteo72-8322011
36matt vassar54-8505000
37ryan flores - r52-8524001
38devin o'connell51-8535001
39james civali38-8661001
40rich neri30-8742000
41cody rose - r24-8801000
42nick giardina - r22-8823000
43steven chapman - r18-8861000
44jimmy blewett18-8861000
45nick salva14-8901000
46marc burke - r12-8921000
47nickolas hovey - r8-8961000
48joey mucciacciaro7-8971000
49jimmy broderick6-8982000
50rene marcotte - r2-9021000
51fran siana2-9021000
52p.j. peters2-9020000
53bill anderson1-9030000
54kurt vigeant1-9030000
R = Rookie Of The Year Candidate

50 points are awarded for first place,
Distribution is then decreased by 2 points per position.
1 point is awarded to all non-qualified cars who attempt to qualify.